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Welcome to Al-Waseet Financial Business Co. (K.S.C)

Al-Waseet Financial Business Co. (K.S.C.) Closed has been established in February 1985 under the name of Al Seef Financial Brokerage Company, as a company licensed by the Capital Markets Authority (license Number AP/2013/0013), In late 2016, the Capital Market Authority has approved the merger between Al Seef Financial Brokerage Company (KSCC) and Al-Waseet Financial Business (KSCC) by the dissolution of Al-Waseet Financial Business Company (KSCC) and its transfer to Al Seef Financial Brokerage Company (KSCC). In 2017, the name of the company has been changed from Al Seef Financial Brokerage Company (KSCC) to Al Waseet Financial Business Co. (KSC) Closed. The issued and paid-up capital is 12,715,000 million Kuwaiti Dinars.

Our Mission

Provide customers with the required level of brokerage services

Our Vision

The company's vision is to be a leader in providing innovative financial services and developing the culture of local investors and thus the level of customer knowledge of investment

Our Values

Trust, commitment and confidentiality